JAI SHRI MATAJI!                                           
With love from your brother Umashankar A and his team members.
This is the earnest appeal to the Sahaj world to enter into the realm of intense Sahaja Yoga spreading which is the need of the hour and keep up the mission of Shri Nirmala Devi and her purpose of creating Sahaja Yoga.
This attempt has been made to integrate the Sahaja Yoga spread activities happening here and there, throughout the universe. Thereby, inviting the powerful attention of Sahaja Yogi’s on the particular aspect of Sahaja Yoga spreading.
1) If required, necessary guidance’s can be sought for intensifying such Sahaja Yoga spreading activities.
2) For training & orienting the future incumbents of love and peace.
3) For increasing the beneficiaries in the universe.
4) For carrying out the power and effectiveness of the powerful tool of love beyond the language, sect and boundaries.
5) For establishing universal love.
6) For emancipating the human race from the bindings of all worries and from slavishness to the evil things.
7) To remove the obstruction, barriers, hindrances in Sahaja Yoga spreading work.
8) To bring the real awareness about the power of love in the human beings.
9) To bring the real transformation in the human race to reach its epitome.
10) To bring about the real refinement in the subtle and gross levels of the universe.
11) And finally, to establish Vishwa Nirmala Dharma Universes after Universe.